BALL-ISTIC19™ - Provisional Patent Application:


The purpose of this invention is to make a "Recreational Ball" into a safe toy helping to remove the current dangers of Viruses and Bacteria.

The invention comprises a ball (of no specific size), which dispenses Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial hygiene agent (in liquid, gel or powder form) to a user, by the process of being rotated throughout an axis. The hygiene agent can also be scented with different smells to be even more attractive to the user!

Intended for use as a children's toy ball, the invention's purpose is to combine the function of a toy ball with that of a system to automatically dispense Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial hygiene agent to a user, each time a user comes into contact with the invention. For example, in a children's playground, being thrown from one child (or user) to another, the invention would dispense Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial hygiene agent to each user in turn.

Every time BALL-ISTIC19™ is despatched from the thrower's hand it leaves traces of Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial hygiene agent onto the skin of the said hand, thus protecting against possible contamination.

Equally when BALL-ISTIC19™ is caught in the hand or hands of the "Catcher" it also leaves traces of Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial hygiene agent on the recipient's skin, so doing the same.

BALL-STIC 19 is based on the idea of an outer case, made from any material but most probably plastic by choice, inside of which is a smaller ball which is immersed and held either by a fluid or powder holding the Anti-Viral or Anti- Bacterial hygiene agent. The same principal which is already well known and used is referred to as a DEODORANT ROLLER is used to disburse the "ROLL-ON" liquid under the armpit for which purpose it has been created. The current device is always in the form of a hollow stick in which the liquid to be disbursed is held. Inside the Hollow stick and at one end is an opening which holds and retains a small ball, which when revolved lays down the liquid hygiene agent. The internal revolving ball or door also acts as a stopper thus allowing only the amount of liquid to leave the container that it is designed to "pick up" by it's revolving motion and design.

BALL-ISTIC19™ however is not a "STICK" but is a BALL, and unlike the stick it has TWO internal inner revolving smaller balls with two external exits doing exactly the same job as the "DEODORANT ROLLER" but doubly.

A further important difference is that by putting minute crevices into the two small revolving ball's surfaces, powder rather than liquid can be used as the Anti-Viral or Anti- Bacterial hygiene agent to protect the hands from becoming infected.

After use the Plastic items, instead of being "single use items" can, by outer printing designs such as numbers or Alphabet lettering, be used for many other useful purposes, including other games eg. Bowls, Boules etc and domestic uses.