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The bottle tops that become 3-D building bricks

2Q edition of Global Health and Pharma magazine

2Q Global Health and Pharma Magazine

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Celebrated for Excellence as an Innovator
Marquis Who's Who

Topo Award

Gamechangers Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medtech Awards 2020

Packaging Company Of The Year UK

Topo Award

Acquisition International Global Excellence Awards 2020

Award for Innovation in Sustainable Packaging Solutions - USA
Reducing Plastic Waste One Screw-Top Twist At A Time

Topo Award

CEO Today USA Awards - 2019

The first award for ToPo® in the USA, is the CEO Today USA Awards - 2019

CEO winner

Plastics Industry Awards - 2019

Best Consumer Product Design of the Year

Topo Award

2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Awards Success Story

Topo Award